{short} {funny} {inspirational} Easter Poems 2016


Easter {short}{funny}{inspirational} poems 2016

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Down the trail old Herbie hops.
At every house he makes a stop
Looking for a ready basket
Into which the candy drops.
Easter morning, faces pop
Out the door of every stop,
Smiling children see with pleasure
All the treats that Herbie drops.
At the end, his tired ears flop.
Herbie heads back to his shop,
Eggs and paint are all around him.
But his Easter work was tops!

Funny Easter poems

Little jelly beans
Tell a story true.
A tale of Father's love
Just for me and you.

GREEN is for the waving palms.
YELLOW is for the sun above.
BROWN is for the soft earth where
People sat hearing of HIS love.

A SPECKLED bean for fish and sand.
RED for precious wine
and BLACK is for the sky as He died on the cross

PURPLE's for the sadness of
HIS family and friends,
and  is for the glory of the
Day HE rose again.