Best new year wishes messages

Best new year wishes messages : Hi guys welcome to my new post in the new year blog. I know you all are very excited  about new year like me. best new year wishes messages 2016 is the article we are going to read now. Life is the mixture of sad, happy  and many other things. Irrespective of the feelings others have on us we should move new year 2016 wishes messages is to have a beautiful messages to send to your friends and all others including colleagues also. Here I collected most beautiful and nice messages for you guys to use them. Use them and send to your beloved ones.

2016 best new year wishes messages

Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. So never step back and always have courage to accept new challenges. Wishing you a very happy new year 2016.

Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new,

Lets cherish each moment it beholds,
Lets celebrate this blissful new year.

Let me wish you a very Happy New Year before the phone lines get jammed and internet hanged. Happy New Year 2016 !

The most important thing to remember as we approach 2016 is that it’s much better to commit mistakes that can strengthen your character other than playing it safe.

Let’s have party cause it’s New Year time. Celebrate Happy New Year 2016 with me all the night, so that we can end the year together and start the new year together.

The new year has brought another chance for us to set things right and to open up a new chapter in our lives.

May you get succeed in the year 2016 and achieve all your goals you have set.

End each year with a few good lessons and start the new one by showing that you have learnt the lessons of the past well.

New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start. Wish you a very Happy New Year.

New year 2016 is about to come. Before my mobile network gets jammed let me wish you a very happy new year..

As the new year going to start.
I wish may the good times,
live on in our memories.
and may we learn lessons,
from the troubling times.
That will make us stronger and better than ever.

Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

May the New Year give you the strength to face the challenges of life and courage to adjust the sail so as to take every situation to your stride.

You are a dreamer,
and you are an achiever.
May you dream and achieve bigger feats,
with every passing year.
All the best for the new year.

New Year is the time to remember all the memories we share, all the fun things we did, all the secrets we poured out for distance is the last thing that can create a rift in our friendship.

As 2016 approaches, give a moment of thought to the achievements as well as the failures of 2014 so that you know what the right path for you would be.

May this New Year give you the courage to triumph over your vices and embrace the virtues.

A new year is the best time to make fresh new beginnings as you begin a new chapter of your life to fill up the pages with beautiful verses.

This year lets make a promise to follow the resolutions you make more strictly and achieve what you truly desire in your life..

When the New Year arrives, it brings new ideas and hopes for us to make our lives good to better and better to best. Happy New Year !

May the year 2016 be like a blank book that is waiting your intervention to fill up its 365 pages with all the colors under the sun making it a vibrant addition to your life.

May the New Year 2016 give you loads of reasons to celebrate and have wonderful days that are filled with laughter and gaiety.

The New Year gives you fresh 365 days to play with fill them up with whatever your heart desires so that you have no regrets at the end of the annual cycle.

Along with all the new hopes and promises that the New Year would bring Hope it also brings us a lot more opportunities to work together. Wish you a very Happy and Successful Year ahead.

Our family is very much important to us as without them we cannot do anything. Parents sisters and all cousins helps us a lot in our life journey. Of course we have bad cousins too but never the parents. So always love them and look after carefully. They always think about us and they live for us.

Dear New Year, Please let me, my family, my colleagues, my clients and my friends be just happy in this time.

Wish You a Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Energetic and Extremely Happy, Happy new year 2016.

 New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes just for you. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year.

Let us all close our eyes, say a warm goodbye to the year 2015. Thank God for everything that he has given us ask for forgiveness for all our mistakes and at last, wish for an even better year 2016.

Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunder-storm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year.

Everything about the future is uncertain, but one thing is for sure that God had already planned all our tomorrows, we just have to trust him today, I heartily wish a beautiful tomorrow for you and your family. Happy New Year 2016.

Love birds r singing, Bells r ringing, whole day n night i am just Thinking How to wish u a happy new year 2016.

As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year!

May god bless you with a loving soul this new year eve, May every eve kisses her Adam, and every Adam meets his eve.

Cheer to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right. 

Cut it loose and let 2015 go. Get Hold of 2016 and just play along. Happy New Year.

Final words or Conclusion Please be good with everyone and the universe will help you to achieve whatever you want in your life. Life is very sweet and short. Do not waste your time by thinking and talking about others. Let them think about you in negative way or degrade you.  God will take care everything. I wish you a very happy new year for your family and friends.
Happy New Year Wishes Messages:Finally i wish you all a very happy new year 2016.Celebrate this new year 2016 eve with all your friends and relatives by sharing our
Happy New Year 2016 wishes and the article Happy New Year 2016 poems and wish them a very happy new year 2016. 

Happy New Year French 2016 Wishes

Hi guys, welcome to another post. new year 2016 french wishes celebrations will rock all over the french speaking locations. This post is for french speaking friends. Guys I have collected some happy new year french 2016 wishes. People who are having colleagues who speaks french can send the happy new year 2016 french wishes. In work place we meet people from different culture and country backgrounds. We all can learn a new languages and learn about their culture. Here use these new year french 2016 wishes to send to your friends and colleagues.

happy new year wishes in Spanish

French New Year Wishes  2016

Nous vous souhaitons une très bonne année 2016

Je souhaite un souhait pour vous Cher 
Vous envoyer Big tas de souhaits
du Cœur près d’où.
Je vous souhaite une nouvelle année très très heureux .

Nous vous adressons nos meilleurs vœux pour 2016.

Que cette nouvelle année déborde de bonheur, de paix et de prosperité.

new year wishes 2016

Beau comme un cristal Stream, tranquille Comme Une douce brise, brillante comme fleurs dans les possibilités Sun Tomorrows! Peut U Have A Happy New Year

Ans viennent n aller, mais cette année je veux spécialement four
double dose ua de la santé n bonheur surmonté avec beaucoup de bonheur.
Ayez une année gr8 avance! Happy New Year

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse nouvelle année.

La vieille année est passée. Laissez le passé morts enterrer ses morts. Le Nouvel An a pris possession de l'horloge du temps. 
Vive les devoirs et les possibilités de les douze mois à venir! Bonne année

Je vous présente mes meilleurs vœux pour 2016.

funny new year 2016 wishes

New Year Wishes In French 2016

Allégez votre entourage avec votre doux sourire et faire de la place pour le bonheur de vos bonnes actions de cette nouvelle année. 
Je vous souhaite une Bonne Année 2016. 

Meilleurs voeux pour l’année 2016!

Espère que la nouvelle année apporte son lot de bonne humeur pour vous, Que tous vos rêves sera vrai, 
espère que l'année apportera également de Gigabyte Fun, Happy New Proche et bonne chance avec votre résolution.

Recevez nos meilleurs vœux de bonheur pour la nouvelle année

Thats all, I will update If I get more wishes in Frensh for you guys. We wish you a happy new year for all of you.

Once again Happy New Year 2016 to all my friends and hope you all with share this Happy New Year French 2016 Wishes with your friends relatives and all.

Happy New Year Wishes Quote Sms In Kannada Marathi Punjabi

Happy New Year Sms Kannada:

Hi friends first of all let me thank you guys for coming to our blog. Here you can find Happy New Year Wishes 2016. Here we have collected many things which you need to send you friends family and relatives like New Year wishes 2016. In this post people from different areas of the country of different languages can find the post.We have collected Happy New Year Wishes 2016 In Kannada. Karnataka's official language is Kannada. Bangalore is became the hub of IT. So New Year Wishes 2016 In Kannada for Kannada people. All Kannadiga have a look at Happy New Year 2016 Wishes In Kannada. I am sure all lovely people from Karnataka will enjoy reading the New Year 2016 Wishes In Kannada.

In the same article we have included Happy New Year Quotes 2016 In Marathi for Marathi people. Marathi is also like Hindi. Of course there is a lot variation in the language. New Year Quotes 2016 In Marathi is for all Mumbai and other people who are Marathi and living many places in the world. Happy New Year 2016 Quotes In Marathi is basically to share your happiest movements in the new year with your colleagues and relatives by sending them New Year 2016 Quotes In Marathi.

Dil tho hi Punjabi yar. All the lovely people out there in Punjab and all Punjabi every where in the world. We have gathered Happy New Year Quotes 2016 In Punjabi for you guys.We love Punjabi food and songs. They are different. The purpose of New Year Quotes 2016 In Punjabi is to  read and send them to friends. Enjoy the new year celebration with your families along with office colleagues. Those who cannot come there send them Happy New Year 2016 Quotes In Punjabi. We wish your celebrations will reach high by sending the New Year 2016 Quotes In Punjabi to your friends.

Happy New Year Wishes 2016 In Kannada

Aadhare Badukina Angaladhalli Bharavaseya Beladhingalirali,
Balina Prati Thiruvinallu Savi Nenapemba Hoo Gundavirali,
Deva Haaraisutha irali, Ninnannu Rakshisuthirali,
Endhu Baiyasuttha Nimage Hosa Varashadha Shubhasheyagalu 2016

Ninna Bala Haadhiyalli Hoo Badadhe irali,
ManassuNoyadhe irali, SnehaSaayadhe irali,
Olavu Odeyadhirali.

Ondu Kallu Saaku Gaaju Odeyalu
Ondu Maathu Saku Hrudaaya Muriyalu
Ondhu Nimisha Saku Preethi Beleyalu
E Ondu SMS Saku Nimage Wish Madalu
Hosa Varshadha Shubhashayagalu.

Savira nadhigalige
Sagarave sangama
Aa sagaradha madilali
Alegala sambrama
Savira taaregalige
Naguve chandrama
Aa chandrana naguviginta
Sundara nimma ea geletana..
Endhu Hosa varashadha
Shubhasheyagalu 2016

New Year Spanish Wishes 2016

Hai loose
Yean haage nodtiya?
Thale ilvaa ninge?
Ond sms kalsake baralvaa?
Dhanda ke 1 mobil bere!
Heege yaradru bydre
Nange helu naan nodkothini. Ok na?
Hosa varshadha shubhsheyagalu 2016

Kannada New Year Quotes In 2016

Saavira nenapina sundara alankara
Ponisalu beku baavaneya daara.
Aduve badukina saakshathkara
Wish U happy New year 2016

Swagatha hosa belakige
Jothe santhosha nimma mukhadhalli
Prethi nima hrudhayadhalli
Sihiyadha yochane nimma manadhalli

Kavana Odhuvudhu ista,
Kanasu kanodu ista,
But,Kanda kanasu nanasagisuvudu kasta,
Sneha madodu kasta,
But,Madida sneha ulisodu nanagista

Nanu nimge E-hosa varsha

New year Funny Wishes Quotes 2016

Devaru kuda beku nimage
12 Thingallu santhosha
52 Vaaragalu Khushiyagi Irabeku
365 Dinagalu Yashassu sigabeku
8760 Ghantegalu olle arogya kuda beku
52600 Nimishagalu adhrusta sigabeku
3153600 Seconds nivu Enjoy mada beku.
Mathu Ellarigu
Hosa varashadha shubhashayagalu.

New Year Sms In 2016

Ratriyalli kattallu adhre belige beluku
Nima jeevanadhalli yavagalu prakashavagi
Erabiku adhike ninu biyapadabeda
Yake andre God Kutti erudhu namge
Hosa Varshadha Shubhasheyagalu 2016

Sawgath Hosa Bellakige
Jothe Santhosh Nimma Mukhadhalli
Prethi Nima Hrudhayadhalli
Sihiyadha Thoughts Nimma Mindyalli
Nimmage E-dina Wonderful Dina Hagabiku
Hosa Varshadha Shubhasheyagalu 2016

Nenappu ettukolli naghavannu
Santhosha hard kelasagallu
Mathu kanniru mathu nima
Reflect hella marethu
Varsha yoche madi
Hosa dhuodhu bandhahaga
Andhare thumba importantly
E-samayadhalli mathu hosa
Praramba mathu celebration madi
Nima jeevanadhalli

New Year Wishes In Hindi 2016

Hosa varsha praramba
Adhu pray madabiku
E-baruva varsha
Jotheyalli hosa nemadhi
Mathu santhoshavnnu
Kodabiku anotha hosa
Snehitharige god ashirwadha
Erabiku mathu nimge

Chikka keys open doddadhu locks
Simple words reflect great anubhavagalu
Nima naghu cure hrudhaya blocks hagutte
Adhike yavagalu naghuthaeri rocks.
Hosa varshadha shobhasheyagalu

Happy New Year Wishes 2016 In Marathi

Dakhavun Gat Varshala Paath Chalu Bhavishyachi Vaat Karuni Sundar That-Mat Ali Navi Soneri Pahat

he varsh sarvana sukhache,
samrudhiche aani bharbharatiche javo.
navin varshachya hardik shubhechya.
Happy new year 2016

Socha kisi apne se baat karein,
apne kisi khaas ko yaad karein,
kiya jo faislaa naye saal ki shubhkamnayein dene ka,
dil ne kaha kyon na shuruwaat aapse karein
afalta Kadam Chumti rahe,
Khushi Aaspas ghumti rahe,
Yash Itna faile ki KASTURI Sharma Jaye,
Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki BALAJI bhi dekhte rah jaye.

Naveen varsh aapnans sukh samadhanache,
Aanandache, aishwarya, aarogyache javo.
Naveen varshat aaple jeevan aanadmaye,
Sukhmaye hove, aashi shricharni prarthana.

Punha ek navin varsh, punha ek navi aasha,
Tumchaya krititwala punha, ek navi aasha,
Navi swapne, navi chitije, sobat majhya navya shubecha.

New Year Quotes In Marathi 2016.


पुन्हाएकनविनवर्ष, पुन्हाएकनवीआशा, तुमच्याकर्तॄत्वालापुन्हा
नवीस्वप्ने, नवीक्षितीजे, सोबतमाझ्यानव्याशुभेच्छा !
Naya Saal Mubarak
Kya Bharosa
Mobile Ka.
Battery ka
Charger Ka
Network Ka
Balance Ka
Life ka
Time Ka
Is Liye Meri Taraf Se
Advance Main
“Naya Saal Mubarak”

Too maalaa havee ahes
Majyaa sobatt
Ekhadiyaa chanshiyaa hotel madhe
aikache ahet tey
Premache teeeen shabda
me bil bhrty.
Happy New Year.

Bhul Jao Bite Hue Kal Ko,
DiL Me Bsalo Aane Wale Kal Ko,
Muskurao Chahe Jo Bi Ho Pal,.
Khushiya Lekr Ayega Aane Wala Kal.

Iss Naye Saal mein
Jo tu chahe woh tera ho,
Har din khubsoorat aur ratain roshan ho,
Kamiyabi chumte rahe tere kadam hamesha yaar,
Naya Saal Mubarak ho tuje mere Yaar.
Hazaron Duaon
Beshumar Wafaon
An-Ginat Mohabaton
Be-Panah Chahaton
Khushion K La-Zawal Khazane K Sath Aapko
Naya Saal Mubarak Ho

Happy New Year 2016 Wishes Sms In Punjabi

Christmas Da Ae Pyaara Tyohaar,
Jeevan Ch Laaye Khushiyaa Apaar,
Santa Claus Aaye Tuaade Duwaar,
Vadhiyaaan Saadi Karein Sweekaar!

Puri hove har tamanna tuhadi
asmaan ho je tuhada dharti hoye tuhadi
nave saal te shubh kamna hai sadi

Ise naal hundi hi nave saal di shuruat
Happy new year

New year Wishes 2016 

Gulab de phulla da guldasta mubarak Tene nave saal te nava rasta mubarak Nave session te school da basta mubarak Nave saal di swer da nashta mubarak Hor das ki likhan yaar tenu aun wala nava saal mubarak Happy new year 2016

Ik din da hai swaal mudhke na aavega purana saal jeelo har pal khushi de naal Swagat karo nave saal da bite hoye palan de naal jo beet gaye kise naal pichhle saal Happy new year 2016

Sms de jarye nave saal da tohfa bhejde haan
kujh hor tuhanu ki dayiye apna dil bhejde haan
New year night te khada hai pizza, bas usda bill bhejde haan
Happy new year

Nava saal liyave khushiyan hazaar mile apnya da pyar 2015 nu kehdo sat shri akaal 2016 da karo swagat pyar naal Happy new year 2016

New Year Sms In Punjabi 2016 

Purana saal ho riha sab to dur ehi hai kudrat da dastoor Purane din sochan nu ho gaye asi majboor Nava saal aun wala hai Manalo khashuiyan machalo dhoom Happy new year 2016

Pal Pal waqt gujar jayega 1 ghante baad nava saal aayega hune hi tuhanu new year wish kar deva nahin te eh baaji koyi hor maar jayega Happy new year 2016

New Year Sms 2016

Har pal di apni keemat swer navi umeed liyave Shaam liyandi pyar raat supne te need liyave umeed nava saal tere layi lucky hove har baar Happy new year 2016

Teryian khushiyan ho jaan double na aave teri jindagi ch koyi v trouble Rab rakhe tenu smart te fit tere layi nava saal super duper te jave HIT ! Happy new year 2016

Menu maaf karin Ek Buri Khabar Hai menu bhul jaana PLz… Main kujh dina baad tuhanu hamesha waste chorke ja riha haan Tuhada apna Year 2012 But par tuhanu ik nava dost deke ja riha haan year 2015  Happy new year 2016

New Year Messages 2016 

Happy New Year Sms In Punjabi 2016 

Is saal tusi pahuncho safalta de shikhar te safalta tuhade kadam chumme dhan daulat tuhade agge pichhe ghumme ehi meri dilli kamana tuhade waste Nava saal liyave khushiyan tuhade waste Happy new year 2016

assi navi kitaab kholan laggy waan.
jis dy saare safy khaali ne.
fair assi estey navi shuruaat karaan gen navay lafz sajaawann gen.
essi liye kendey ne guzreya wakq mur k ni aaonda.
saadi dua j aan wala saal tuhaady liye licky hovey.

So that's all dear friends. I am sure you guys liked the article and whenever you need some thing please come here. I have listed the other posts which you need to check once and share with your friends. We wish you a very Happy New Year 2016 and all the best for your future.

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Happy New Year Wishes In Spanish

Lot of people are waiting for new year 2016 celebrations through out the world and here are the New Year Wishes In Spanish . Many of us wants to escape to a lovely place to spend time with our families or friends or boyfriends or girlfriends or husband or wife. 

New Year Wishes In Spanish:
New year gives us new hope and goals. We might have achieved many goals in our life and might have some  pending goals which not yet started. People from different countries waiting for this Happy New Year 2016 occasion. 

Happy New Year 2016 Whatsapp Status

Here are the new year wishes in Spanish for your Spanish friends. We also collected new year wishes 2016 in Spanish too. Please send them and we wish you all the best for your new year goals.

Happy New Year 2016 Facebook Status

Vamos a dar la bienvenida al año que es fresco,
Vamos a dar la bienvenida al año que es fresco y nuevo,
Vamos a apreciar cada momento que contempla,
Vamos a celebrar este año nuevo feliz.
Les deseo feliz año nuevo por adelantado.

El 1 de enero, cuando los conjuntos y amaneceres de la Luna,
El mundo se despertaba a un nuevo amanecer,
Les deseo a todos mis amigos y familia en vivo y largas a
testigo de 100 de esas madrugadas. Feliz Año Nuevo.

Happy New Year Wishes Spanish:

En este gran momento como,
La gente en todo el mundo,
dice adiós goog a 2015,
Deja que te deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo.

Te olvidare cuando no haya agua en el mar, no haya nuves en el cielo,
se acaben las estrellas y se encuentre agua en el desierto.
nunca te olvidare.
Prospero año nuevo 2016.

Happy New Year Poems Spanish:

Para mi todos los amigos del facebook,
Pequeños teclas grandes cerraduras abiertas,
Palabras simples reflejan grandes pensamientos
su sonrisa puede curar bloqueos cardíacos
Así que seguir sonriendo rocas.
Le deseamos año nuevo 2016.

Para mi todos los amigos del facebook,
Pequeños teclas grandes cerraduras abiertas,
Palabras simples reflejan grandes pensamientos,
su sonrisa puede curar bloqueos cardíacos
Así que seguir sonriendo rocas.
feliz año nuevo 2016.

Happy New Year Messages 2016 Spanish:

Te echo de menos cuando algo realmente bueno sucede porque Tú eres el único Quiero compartirlo.
Te echo de menos cuando algo me está molestando, porque usted es el único que me entiende.
Te echo de menos cuando me río y lloro porque sé que usted es el que hace crecer mi risa y las lágrimas desaparecen.
Feliz año nuevo 2016

Que tengan un corazon de Coraje
Una mente de la voluntad y puede usted conseguir
Hagas lo que
Desire siempre a se quiere
Desearle feliz ano nuevo 2016!

Happy New Year Sms Spanish:

Llena tu vida de Bright Cheer
Llena tu vida de felicidad
Lleve con usted la alegria y la prosperidad para toda la vida
Feliz Ano Nuevo 2016!

Cada momento en un dia tiene su propio valor
Manana trae esperanza
Tarde trae Fe
Tarde trae amor
Noche trae descanso
En este nuevo ano se quiere todos ellos todos los dias
Feliz Ano Nuevo 2016!

Happy New Year Quotes Spanish:

Hope you guys loved the wishes in Spanish. Please send them to your Spanish friends and lovers. These can be send to your Spanish Lovers too.

Happy New Year 2016 Spanish:Finally i wish you all a very happy new year 2016.Celebrate this new year 2016 eve with all your friends and relatives by sharing our Happy New Year 2016 Messages,Happy New Year 2016 sms,Happy New Year 2016 quotes,Happy New Year 2016 wishes and the article Happy New Year 2016 poems and wish them a very happy new year 2016.      

Funny happy new year 2016 wishes, Quotes, Messages, sms

Welcome all to our blog. Life is nothing but an experience. No one knows what happens next minute. So try to live life to the fullest. We know you all waiting for new year. New year 2016 is full of new hopes and goals. We should keep setting goals to for a certain time to achieve. Otherwise, we keep on wasting our time. We all have some good and bad 

Let us forget the bad memories of the old and hope for the best future. Life without fun movements is waste. Try to spend every minute as memorable. I know some of you have been facing rough patches in your life. Remember, nothing is permanent either good or bad. We ourselves are not permanent. Here we have collected best funny wishes quotes sms and messages for you. Please send them to your friends families and relatives. We wish you a very happy new year 2016 with wonderful life ahead.

funny new year wishes

May the New Year be like a trip inside Santa’s gift bag that is well stocked with all that you have been eyeing since Black Friday sale.

Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.

Hope you are blessed with intelligence to differentiate between ending of one year and the beginning of he next.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, George Clooney & ME! All the famous wish you a very Happy New Year!

Check this New Year Wishes In Hindi

This New Year hope you are not tempted to pile up on health food cook books and then end up heating frozen food at meal times.

I wish you end up fighting less with your partner over TV remote this New Year!

funny happy new year wishes

Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle. – Eric Zorn

Before the sun sets in this day, before the memories fade in this year, before the networks get jammed Happy New Year!

This New Year may you find innumerable ways to make health food as tasty as the junk!

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You will be a little bit older, a little bit rounder, but still none the wiser. Happy New Year!

Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to. -Bill Vaughan

funny new year wish

This New Year may you have newer ideas to accommodate more time for your naps and beauty sleep even on weekdays.

Wishing you 12 Months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun, 8760 hours of joy, 525600 minutes of good luck and 31536000 seconds of happiness.

If you are planning to turn a new leaf over this New Year, make sure the leaf is free of bugs.

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New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time. -James Agate

I wish you can evade your boss successfully while using instant messengers at workplace this year!

new year wishes funny

New Year’s Eve, where laud acquaintance be forgot. Unless, of course, those tests come back positive. -Jay Leno

May you spend lesser time online this New Year and more with the real people who fill up your real world.

May the New Year be like a trip inside Santa’s gift bag that is well stocked with all that you have been eyeing since Black Friday sale.”

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Happy New Year. May this year be as full of success and surprise as the last year and may all your wishes come true.

This New Year may you come up with innovative passwords to puzzle people to fish out the real one!

funny new year wishes messages

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions! -Joey Adams

I’ve been waiting 365 days to say “happy new year” since I had so much fun saying it last year. Happy New Year, friend.

The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk. This drunkenness culminates on New Year’s Eve, when you get so drunk you kiss the person you’re married to. -P.J. ORourke

As the clock strikes twelve, may you have the stamina to wish all of your innumerous Facebook Friends a Happy New Year.

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May this New Year bring actual change in you, not recurrence of old habits in a new package!

funny new year wishes quotes

Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year, everybody. -Phyllis McGinley

This New Year may you come up with innovative excuses for your teacher or boss when you plan to bunk your class or office.

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions. -Mark Twain

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The only way to spend New Year’s Eve is either quietly with friends or in a brothel. Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off, someone is bound to be left in tears. -Wystan Hugh (W.H.) Auden

funny happy new year wishes quotes

This New Year, remember to chuck all the old jokes and same stories to narrate at parties!

Every New Year is the direct descendant, isn’t it, of a long line of proven criminals? -Ogden Nash

It’s time to start the new year. Let’s chill some champagne, whip up some party food, and start dancing the year away.

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May this New Year bring actual change in you – not recurrence of old habits in a new package.

happy new year wishes funny

This time of year offers us a brand new start. I want to take this opportunity to start fresh with you and wish you love and peace in the new year.

May you find more time to help out the ignored and unattended people this New Year – and begin your charity at home – with your spouse.

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I pledge that I shall not spend my New Year’s Day glues to my computers in my pajamas – I plan to dress up for my computer

funny happy new year wishes

This New Year, be at peace with your appearance, you are perfectly in shape – round is a shape in geometry

As people remind you to make resolution about self assessment and correction, give the same time and dedication to your house too

If nothing changes this New Year to your liking, just change your habit of complaining

Hope you are blessed with intelligence to differentiate between ending of one year and the beginning of the next.

This New Year, may you make the attempt to trim and clean your Social Media accounts.

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new year 2016 wishes hindi

Hello all, welcome to our happy new year blog. We know that all of you are waiting for the new year 2016 like us. New year is for new hopes, thoughts, goals. Each year we achieve some goals in our life and set some goals to be achieved in the coming year. 

We all have good as well as bad memories. Always remember if you fail, you learn some thing and you can guide someone. Have a strong determination to achieve your goal in the coming year. India is a country of different languages, culture and religion. Even though we 
have many languages in use Hindi became our official language as many of the people speak hindi. Here are new year wishes in hindi 2016. Please feel free to use them and send to your relatives . We wish you all the very best for the new year.

new year wishes in hindi font

पूरे हो आपके सरे एम, 
सदा बढ़ती रहे आप की फेम,
मिलते रहे सबसे प्यार और दोस्ती,
और मिले ए लॉट  ऑफ़ फन और  मस्ती.
विश यू ए..हैप्पी न्यू इयर
विद ए प्लेंटी ऑफ़ पीस & प्रोस्पेरिटी 

डे बाई डे तेरी खुशियां हो जायें डबल
तेरी जिंदगी से डिलीट हो जायें सारे ट्रबल
खुदा रखे हमेशा तुझे स्मार्ट एंड फिट
तेरे लिये न्यू इयर हो सुपर डुपर हिट

सबके दिलों में हो सबके लिए प्यार,
आनेवाला हर दिन लाये खुशियों का त्यौहार,
इस उम्मीद का साथ आओ भूलके सारे गम
न्यू इयर  को हम सब करें वेलकम!

इस नए साल में..
जो तू चाहे वो तेरा हो,
हर दिन ख़ूबसूरत और रातें रोशन हो,
कमियाबी चूमती रहे तेरे कदम हमेशा यार,
नया साल मुबारक हो तुझे मेरे यार.

आ गले लग जा मेरे यार
दे दूं जादू की झप्पी दो, चार
ऐसे ही कट जाये जिंदगी विदाउट एनी रिस्क
इस उम्मीद के साथ विश
यू ए … वैरी हैप्पी न्यू इयर

बीत गया जो साल, भूल जायें,
इस नये साल को गले लगाये,
करते है दुआ हम रब से सर झुकाके…
इस साल का सारे सपने पूरे हो आपके.
नया साल मुबारक

नया साल आया बनकर उजाला;
खुल जाए आपकी किस्मत का ताला;
हमेशा आप पर मेहरबान रहे ऊपर वाला;
यही दुआ करता है आपका ये चाहने वाला!
नया साल मुबारक

आप जहाँ जाये वहां से करे फ्लाई ऑल टियर*
सब लोग आप को ही मानें अपना डियर*
आप की हर राह हो आलवेज़ क्लियर… और
खुदा दे आप को एक जक्कास न्यू इयर!! हैप्पी न्यू इ

बीत गया जो साल, भूल जाएँ,
इस नए साल को गले लगायें,
करते है दुआ हम रब से सर झुकाके.
एस साल क सरे सपने पुरे हो आपके.
नया साल मुबारक

गुल ने गुलशन से गुलफाम भेजा है
सितारों ने आसमान से सलाम भेजा है
मुबारक हो आपको नया साल
हमने अडवांस में यह पैगाम भेजा है
हैप्पी न्यू इयर

गुल ने गुलशन से गुलफाम भेजा है
सितारों ने आसमान से सलाम भेजा है
मुबारक हो आपको नया साल
हमने अडवांस में यह पैगाम भेजा है
हैप्पी न्यू इयर

हर साल आता है, हर साल जाता है,
इस नये साल में आपको वो सब मिले;
जो आपका दिल चाहता है।
नया साल मुबारक।

आपकी आँखों में सजे है जो भी सपने,
और दिल में छुपी है जो भी अभिलाषाएं!
यह नया वर्ष उन्हें सच कर जाए;
आप के लिए यही है हमारी शुभकामनायें!

नया साल आया बनकर उजाला;
खुल जाए आपकी किस्मत का ताला;
हमेशा आप पर मेहरबान रहे ऊपर वाला;
यही दुआ करता है आपका ये चाहने वाला।
नया साल मुबारक।

भगवान करे ये साल आपको रास आ जाये;
जिसे आप चाहते हो, वो आपके पास आ जाये!
आप नए साल में कुंवारे न रहे;
आपका रिश्ता लेकर आपकी सास आ जाये!
नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें!

इस नए साल में..
जो तू चाहे वो तेरा हो,
हर दिन ख़ूबसूरत और रातें रोशन हो,
कमियाबी चूमती रहे तेरे कदम हमेशा यार,
नया साल मुबारक हो तुझे मेरे यार.

new year messages in hindi

Chand ko ho chandni Mubarak, aasman ko ho sitaren Mubarak, aur hamari taraf se aapko ho yeh naya saalmubarak.

Naya Saal Mubarak, Kya Bharosa, Mobile Ka. Battery ka, Charger Ka, Network Ka, Balance Ka, Life ka, Time Ka, Is Liye Meri Taraf Se, Advance Main, "Naya Saal Mubarak"

Naya saal, nayi ummeeden, naye vichar aur nayi shuruwat-bhagwan Karen aapki har dua haqeeqat ban jaye! Naye saal ki bahut bahut subhkamayen.

Fool khilenge gulshan mein Tab khubsurati nazar aayegi Beete saal ki khatti meethi Yaade hi bas sang rah jayengi Aao jashan manate hai Naye saal ka saath milkar,, Naye saal ki pahli subah hi Khushiyaan jo anginat layegi.

Iss naye saal me, aapki har muraad poori ho aur bhagwan aapka daaman dher saari khushiyon se bhar de-in duayon ke saath, aapko naya saal Mubarak ho!

Bhul Jao Bite Hue Kal Ko, DiL Me Bsalo Aane Wale Kal Ko, Muskurao Chahe Jo Bi Ho Pal,
Khushiya Lekr Ayega Aane Wala Kal.

Hum dua karte hain ki iss naye saal me aapke har gham door ho aur aapki zindagi mein khushiyon ki bauchar ho, aur ishwar ka haath apke sar pe hamesha bana rahe. Naya saal bahut bahut Mubarak.

Kabhi hasati hai to kabhi rulati hai, ye zindgi bhi na jaane kitne rang dekhati hai, haste hai to bhi ankhon mein nami aa jaati hai na jaane ye kaisi yaadein hai jo dil mein bas jaati hai, dua karte hai is naye saal k avsar per, mere doston k labon per sada muskaan rahe
kyoki unki her muskurahat hamin khushi de jaati hai

happy new year quot

Beete saal ko vida es kadar krte hai, Jo nhi kiya wo bhi kar guzarte hai, Naye saal ke aane ki khushiyan to sab manate hai, Hum es baar beete saal ke yaado ka jashn manate h. Bye Bye 2015 & Welcome 2016

Naya saal aapki zindagi me khushiyan, aur saphalta le aayen-ishwar se yahi prarthna karte hain. Naye saal ki bahut bahut subhkamayen.

hindi new year wishes

Iss Naye Saal mein, Jo tu chahe woh tera ho, Har din khubsoorat aur ratain roshan ho, Kamiyabi chumte rahe tere kadam hamesha yaar,
Naya Saal Mubarak ho tuje mere Yaar.

Har baar jab bhi naya saal aata hain, hum dua karte hain ki aapko iss saal bhi woh sab miley jo aapka dil chahta hain. Naya saal aapko Mubarak ho!

Hazaron Duaon, Beshumar Wafaon, An-Ginat Mohabaton, Be-Panah Chahaton, Or, Khushion K La-Zawal Khazane K Sath Aapko, Naya Saal Mubarak Ho

Naya hain saal, naya yeh savera, aur iski har kiran ke sath aapki zindagi aur roshan ho jayey- yahi dua karte hain . Naye saal ki bahut bahut subhkamnayen.

Es naye saal me khusiyo ki barsate hoPyar k din aur mohabbat bhari raate hoRanjishe nafrate mit jaye sada ke liyeSabhi ke dilo mein aisi chahtein ho

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Finally I wish you all a very happy new year 2016.Celebrate this new year 2016 eve with all your friends and relatives by sharing ourHappy New Year 2016 MessagesHappy New Year 2016 sms,